Life by design…

LIVEOUTLOUD – Design elements filter into the smallest things we see on a daily basis. These ingredients affect the way we see and interpret things and can be the swaying point on decisions we make and the paths we take. The cup sleeve keeping you from burning your hand on your morning coffee, the architecture of your company’s building and its interiors working together like a living being, the streamline curves of that gorgeous new supercar you have been eyeing out or even the unmistakable influence that fashion has on so many industries. The ladies would not forget the classic scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestly has it out with Andrea Sachs for calling a selection of clothing “stuff” and goes on to explain that the hideous blue sweater she is nonchalantly donning was carefully selected for her by the high priestesses of fashion through an elaborate, adaptive journey from haute couture down to the bargain bins.

The intricacy of design cannot be ignored and who would want to? There are so many remarkable talents putting forth ideas to change the face of design in various playing fields and this month we pay tribute to such creativity. We look at the world-renowned pearl and diamond jewellery designs of Mikimoto in our fashion spread, pay tribute to 90 years of remarkable home and kitchenware by Alessi. Alberto Alessi, president of Alessi Spa and head of marketing strategy, communication and design management for the brand also happened to be in Cape Town a few months ago for the annual Design Indaba and we take a look at a selection of the unique creations that were showcased at the expo in our photo essay. As always, I hope you enjoy this unique issue of LIVEOUTLOUD.

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