Warming your heart…

With winter creeping in faster and more aggressively than usual, we are finding it all the more important to keep our spirits high here at LIVEOUTLOUD.

Last month was manic between preparing two magazines in the space of one before everyone headed off for an extended Easter break and a bumper month for Live Out Loud Events which called for the entire team to don different hats. Needless to say it was a fun yet busy juncture for us so we all took some time out for a ten pin bowling session to release tension and regroup. Now this being an activity I haven’t participated in for at least a decade, you can imagine my reluctance to stand in front of my colleagues and admit my lack of co-ordination skills.

Not a fan of competing in games I can’t win, I decided to take this one like a knock on the chin. At least some joy came out of my participation as the sight of my five-foot frame flying toward the alley with a lack of conviction was enough to make all in attendance smile.

To make our readers smile this month we are pulling out all the stops, from taking you to desirable Argentina where you will experience local attractions through the eyes of a South African who has lived there to a young South African who captured all the little things that make Johannesburg unique in a documentary called Unhinged: Surviving Jo’burg. I also had the opportunity to sit with Marc Brevot, winemaker for the French bubbly Moët & Chandon, during his recent visit to SA. LIVEOUTLOUD Events recently threw the bash of the year for the launch of the new Bentley Continental GT, check out the glam soirée.

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